Sandi Keaton-Wilson, an American writer of prose, poetry, short stories, plays, and performance pieces, lives a simple Christian life enjoying worship, family, friends, and the arts. Always a nature lover, she considers reading and writing her second nature.

Sandi, raised in the southern section of Wayne County, Kentucky, played with words even as a child. There were always good things to read in her home, and trips to the library and holiday gifts of books were treats that placed at the top of her list. Encouraged by teachers, Sandi began writing in grade school and became published at a young age. She credits being a member of many successful writers’ groups in several counties in aiding her with inspiration, practice, example, and networking—giving these groups and her fellow members credit for the benefit they have proved to be.

Over the years she has become recognized as a Southern Appalachian writer. Her poetry, prose, short stories, plays, and performance pieces have merited publication in numerous college journals, anthologies, and national publications. Her writing, which has been well received, speaks of death, grief, and loss, family, and nature and place and includes inspirational and religious works.

Sandi currently resides in Somerset, Kentucky, near her son and grandchildren, and she is still rooted in Kentucky and grounded in the Word of God.

Read one of Sandi’s poetry.