Rebecca Suter Lindsay

REBECCA SUTER LINDSAY is an American writer and poet. Her poetry, short stories, and historical articles have been published in various journals and anthologies. The Peacemakers, a historical novel for middle-grade children, is Lindsay’s debut book.

Lindsay has served as the president of the Kentucky State Poetry Society and as the editor of Pegasus, the society’s poetry journal. She is a member of the Monday Morning Writers Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lindsay is a graduate of George Peabody College for Teachers and of Georgia State University, and she holds a master’s degree in education. For thirty-five years, she operated a private tutoring service for children.

The Peacemakers grew out of Lindsay’s research into the Civil War struggles of her great-grandparents, Emanuel and Elizabeth Swope Suter, who were Mennonites, pacifists, and Unionists in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Undergirding the story is a foundation of information that Lindsay gleaned from family accounts, newspaper records, journals, diaries, and letters. She also gathered details from internet sources, legislative records, the National Archives, transcripts of the Southern Claims Commission, and the writings and collections of Mennonite historians.

Lindsay lives in Kentucky with her husband, Bill, and she is the mother of two adult sons. Read more about Lindsay and The Peacemakers on, and follow her on Facebook.