CRYSTAL WHITE KIELOCH was born in the rural hills of West Virginia and graduated from Princeton Senior High School in 1984. She holds degrees from Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia, and Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Crystal has spent the last twenty years of her life at Bluefield College. Currently, she teaches in the English Department of the college. She has been a writer from a young age, keeping diaries and writing stories, which led her to scholarly work with the personal essay, memoir, biography, and creative nonfiction.

Crystal has volunteered with the New Opportunity School for Women at Bluefield College since it began in 2013. She teaches workshops in the program on creative writing, personality styles, and English review. She also offers other workshops relating to creative expression and spends as much time as possible working with the participants of the program each year. Crystal is a member of the Bluefield Advisory Council for NOSW and has served as a member of the New Opportunity School Foundation Board since 2013. In 2017, she was elected co-chair of the NOSW Foundation Board.

Crystal lost her husband, Ron Kieloch, in January of 2013, and she has since put her energies into her teaching and scholarly work, serving the NOSW, and supporting and being supported by her close-knit family.